Order Processes

There are four steps of Tailor Sense suit customization. The experienced tailor designer will discuss with you about your needs like use occasions, price, personal body shape, etc., and give professional suggestions. Refer to their suggestions you can find the best fit and style.

Next, let us take a look at those four steps of our custom-made suits.

Step 1: Choose the style of your cloth. You can choose your favorite style, color and pattern in SHOP SUIT page in our website. If there is no style you like, you are welcome to email us about the style or design you want with us. We can also make clothes for you according to the design drawings or style drawings you give to us. Then you need choose fabrics; Wool, Cashmere, etc., are the most commonly used fabrics for suits. Generally, formal suits will use wool as the main fabric. Pure wool has fine fibers, soft and comfortable feel, good gloss and drape, and the finished garment is noble and elegant. In autumn and winter cashmere is also is also a fabric that many people choose because when you wear it, it will make you warmer than wool. However, with the changes of the times and the change of clothing fashion, cotton, linen, silk, velvet, and even many chemical fibers and high-tech materials have gradually been applied to suits' fabric. While enriching the wearability of clothes, it also gives us more choices. Whether it is domestic or imported. You can choose the fabrics in our CHOOSE FABRICS page.

Step 2: Communication. Communication with the designer is a very important step in customizing a suit. When communicating with the designer, the designer will learn about the customer's occupation, hobbies, the primary purpose of customized suits, etc. The designer will discuss with the customer and determine the final style and fabric. After the style and fabric are settled, some details of the suit can be determined. Don't neglect the choice of cufflinks, embroidered characters, and other detailed elements are often the best finishing touch. At the same time, they are also the best sign of the quality of a suit and should be selected carefully. Our brand provides free buttons, lining and embroidering options for every customer who customizes suits. You can choose them in DESIGN BY YOUR OWN page in our website.

Step 3: Body Measurement. After determining the favorite style, in mainland China the experienced old tailor will go to your home or workplace to measure your size. You can email us your address and available measure date. One of the purposes of custom-made suits is to make the suit fit your body, so measurement is a very critical step. In the nearly 20-minute measurement process, the experienced tailor will accurately measure each part of the body to ensure that the customized suit fits the customer's skeleton structure. Then suit will not have any wrinkles when you wear it. If two shoulders are not the same height, or the two arms are not the same length, the tailor will record it in detail. In the future cutting and production process, these will be taken into account, and a customized suit will perfectly solve these problems. If you are outside of mainland China, you can tell us your size and send us three photos of your front, back and side. we can also customize suits according to your size and body.

Step 4: Ready-To-Wear. This suit is completely made after more than 300 processes. Only at this moment can you truly realize what is perfect. With perfect tailoring, perfect quality, and perfect details, customized suits are just like the second skin, perfectly fitting, revealing a man's taste. Customized suits are also addictive. After having the first pleasant customization experience, everyone wants to have a few perfect suits of different styles in their wardrobe.

Regarding the issue of size modification: In mainland China, we provide free size modification, but there is no such service in other regions due to Covid-19.

Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.