Grande Pure Wool/Cashmere


GRANDE started from Huddersfield district in Yorkshire which is in the north of England. The brand has a history of more than a hundred years, dated back to the early 20th century. The founder Stephen. Glande opened a wool shop in 1920, and mainly supplied wool fabric to ancient tailor’s shops in England. Along with rapid development of the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain and revolution of the textile industry, he started the band of “GRANDE”. It earned regular recognition by classic and fashionable products, and became a specified brand for high-grade custom-made suits with high cost performance.

Greatest advantages of its fabrics include feels soft with texture, good draping, comfortable to wear, proper shaping, gentle and smooth gloss. It is a fabric brand with high cost performance.

Lead by secondary generation of the family George Grande, GRANDE expanded into global business rapidly. It developed a series of boutiques which are sold to Europe and America, and was adopted by many top-ranking brands. Being introduced to China in recent years, GRANDE has been devoted to producing and developing fabrics for high-grade suits. Its products had great advantage and competitiveness in SUPER 120S, SUPER 140S, Cashmere Wool, and Silk and Wool Mixing.

Currently based on high quality, GRANDE has taken in the dressing concept of ecology and function, and perfectly interpreted the intentions of classic and fashion. It has made raising customers’ wearing quality and real need its core developing philosophy.

Future development of GRANDE is to become an International bran business combining designing, producing and marketing together. Cooperating with famous clothing brands all over the world, its advantage of cost performance will become more obvious.


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